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Suttner ST-510




Introducing the ST-510 Spray Gun, a specialized tool designed for low-pressure, high-flow applications, ideal for use in soft wash systems. This reliable spray gun, part number 200510500, is engineered to withstand challenging conditions while delivering exceptional performance.

With a maximum pressure of 362 PSI and a temperature tolerance of up to 122°F, the ST-510 Spray Gun is built to handle various demanding tasks. Its flow rate of 18 GPM ensures efficient and effective application of liquids.

The gun features 1/2″ female pipe thread (FPT) connections for both the inlet and outlet, providing secure and leak-resistant connections. Weighing just 0.3 lb, the ST-510 Spray Gun is lightweight and easy to handle, reducing operator fatigue during prolonged use.

Designed with chemical resistance in mind, this spray gun can withstand harsh chemicals, making it an excellent choice for various chemical applications.

The Viton (synthetic rubber) seal ensures a tight and reliable seal, preventing leaks and enhancing durability. The rear fluid entry design adds to the user-friendly features of the gun.

Built to last, the ST-510 Spray Gun incorporates a stainless steel ball and pin, as well as a reinforced fiberglass plastic body and seat, providing robust construction and extended service life.

Whether you’re using it in soft wash systems or other low-pressure, high-flow applications, the ST-510 Spray Gun delivers excellent performance, reliability, and chemical resistance, making it a valuable addition to your equipment arsenal.