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Suttner St-2305




Introducing the ST-2305 Spray Gun in Safety Orange, a powerful and versatile tool designed to handle extreme abuse applications with ease. Part number 202305605, this spray gun is built to deliver outstanding performance in demanding conditions.

With an impressive pressure rating of 5000 PSI and a temperature resistance of up to 300°F, the ST-2305 Spray Gun is ready to tackle tough and high-temperature tasks. Its flow rate of 12 GPM ensures efficient and effective spray application.

The gun features 3/8″ female pipe thread (FPT) for the inlet and 1/4″ FPT for the outlet, providing secure connections and compatibility with various fittings and nozzles.

Weighing 1.22 lb, the ST-2305 Spray Gun is designed for operator comfort, even during long hours of use. Its “easy-pull trigger” and comfortable grip significantly reduce the effort required, making it an ideal choice for high-volume trigger cycling applications.

The ST-2305 Spray Gun boasts a unitized valve for easy repair and maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted performance. The handle is constructed of impact-resistant plastic, making it durable and reliable, even in harsh working conditions.

This spray gun features a forged brass housing, providing maximum strength and longevity. Its proper spray angle allows for optimal positioning of pressure points, further enhancing user comfort.

Designed with German-engineered technology, the Easy-Pull trigger reduces trigger pulling force by an impressive 60% compared to typical competitor spray guns, making it exceptionally operator-friendly.

The ST-2305 Spray Gun is available for private labeling, providing an excellent opportunity for customization and branding.

Whether you need it for high-pressure and high-temperature tasks or applications with frequent trigger cycling, the ST-2305 Spray Gun is the ultimate choice, delivering outstanding performance, durability, and operator comfort.