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Hydro M407




Discover the MTM Hydro M407 Spray Gun, a reliable and durable tool that represents the epitome of quality and value. Developed in Italy, this spray gun showcases exceptional craftsmanship with its ‘long life’ plastic exterior and high tolerance steel body.

The M407 Spray Gun is designed to withstand heavy use, making it the undisputed workhorse of the MTM Hydro Spray Gun line. Its popularity in the U.S. market is evidenced by tens of thousands of units sold each year, a testament to its exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.

With a 3/8″ female inlet and a 1/4″ female outlet, this spray gun is versatile and compatible with various fittings and accessories. The M407 can handle a maximum pressure of 4,000 PSI, ensuring it is capable of tackling tough cleaning tasks effectively. Its maximum flow rate of 7 GPM allows for efficient and speedy cleaning operations.

Operating at a maximum temperature of 250°F, the M407 Spray Gun can handle hot water applications, making it suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Whether you need a reliable spray gun for commercial use or heavy-duty applications, the MTM Hydro M407 Spray Gun is a top choice, providing unmatched durability, exceptional performance, and value for your money. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have made the M407 a popular demand in the market and experience the quality and reliability it offers.