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Whisper Wash Ground Force 24″ Surface Cleaner




Presenting the Ground Force flat surface cleaner, purpose-built to meet the rugged demands of industrial pressure cleaning operations. Its robust construction includes a cover and handle crafted from airplane-grade aluminum, powder-coated for enhanced durability.

Tapping into formidable power, this unit ensures a controlled cleaning force beneath its 24″ cover, complemented by a heavy-duty nylon brush that effectively eliminates bothersome overspray. For added convenience, the Ground Force boasts the innovative Flip-N-Fold handle design, allowing it to collapse effortlessly for easy transportation and storage. Maneuverability is made effortless with the aid of four 3″ pivoting casters, enabling quick and responsive rolling action.

Underneath the surface cleaner, the iconic Whisper Wash machined and balanced spray bar lies, delivering the potent pressure cleaning force essential for your operations. The Signature Whisper Wash Swivel, equipped with two self-lubricating twin thrust bearings, empowers the Ground Force to adapt to either a 2-tip or 4-tip spray bar, all while eliminating the occurrence of zebra striping.

When you harness the cleaning prowess of the Ground Force, rest assured that your operation is bolstered by the industry standard in flat surface cleaning. Built to the impeccable standards maintained by Whisper Wash, the Ground Force grants your operation the power to achieve unparalleled pressure cleaning results. Embrace this ultimate tool to elevate your pressure cleaning endeavors to new heights!