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BE Whirl-A-Way 20″ Surface Cleaner -No Castors




Discover one of the finest attachments for your pressure washer, designed to conquer large flat surfaces with ease. This exceptional surface cleaner features two swiftly spinning jets that effortlessly create a broad, streak-free path, significantly reducing time and effort on projects like parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks.

Equipped with ergonomic twin handles, complete with a built-in trigger, this attachment ensures straightforward operation and smooth maneuverability. The power of the spray nozzles, combined with the lightweight design, brings about a hovering effect, making the surface cleaner effortlessly glide over the cleaning area.

To maintain a tidy workspace, a bristle skirt adeptly keeps debris and overspray contained, preventing unnecessary mess. Connecting the attachment to your high-pressure hose is a breeze, thanks to the quick connect fitting located at the end of the trigger gun.

Constructed with durability in mind, the ABS Polymer housing effectively resists impacts, safeguarding the rotary arms while keeping the overall weight minimal for user convenience. Embrace the efficiency and effectiveness of this remarkable surface cleaner, and witness how it streamlines your cleaning projects, leaving large flat surfaces spotless with unmatched ease.