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Dragon 8GPM Hot Box 12V



Crafted with versatility in mind, this remarkable device is specifically designed to seamlessly connect to an existing pressure washer, instantly transforming any cold water system into a fully-fledged hot water unit.

With a top-to-bottom schedule 80 coil, this device maximizes temperature rise, ensuring optimal heat transfer. The stainless coil wrap and control panel provide durability and protection. To guarantee safety, a pressure relief valve is in place to release excess pressure when necessary. Additionally, a flow switch ensures efficient water flow and operation.

Complete control over the water temperature is at your fingertips, thanks to the adjustable thermostat temperature control feature. The inclusion of a Beckett burner further enhances the heating capabilities, delivering reliable and consistent performance.

The powder-coated steel frame offers robust support and protection, ensuring longevity and stability. Equipped with a poly 6-gallon diesel/kerosene fuel tank, this device provides ample fuel capacity for extended operation. A fuel filter is also included to ensure clean fuel supply.

For convenience and flexibility, the device offers both 12-volt leads and 120-volt GFCI compatibility, accommodating different power sources and environments.

Embrace the transformative power of this device, allowing you to harness the benefits of hot water in your pressure washing tasks. Enjoy the enhanced cleaning capabilities and efficiency that come with a complete hot water unit, all made possible by this versatile and reliable accessory.