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Whisper Wash Mini Mondo Surface Cleaner




Introducing the Whisper Wash Mini Mondo, a compact yet mighty 31″ x 16″ version of the Mondo Force flat surface cleaner. This innovative machine boasts dual-swivels and dual-spray bars, allowing it to tackle tasks that would typically require two machines and two operators. Its powder-coated aircraft-grade aluminum cover is surrounded by a protective 1-inch nylon brush, safeguarding against overspray.

Effortless maneuverability is achieved with four 3″ pivoting casters, granting the operator complete control in any direction. The Mini Mondo houses not one but two signature Whisper Wash machined and balanced spray bars underneath, ensuring your operation receives the pressure cleaning force it demands. This power is further enhanced by the two Signature Whisper Wash Swivels, equipped with self-lubricating twin thrust bearings, boosting efficiency and performance by an impressive 33% compared to a single swivel design.

Innovative engineering sets the Mini Mondo apart. With its double-direction handle bracket, this machine can operate in spaces that were previously considered too small for a machine of this size. By simply switching the handle direction and running the unit longways, you can access tight areas with ease. The ergonomically designed handle ensures operator comfort, minimizing fatigue while maximizing the surface area covered.

The Mini Mondo is engineered to handle big jobs with unrivaled efficiency and quality. With its impressive 31″ cleaning path, this unit is all about getting the task completed, making light work of vast areas that require thorough cleaning. Experience the power and versatility of the Whisper Wash Mini Mondo, a true game-changer in the world of flat surface cleaners.