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1/2 F Super Swivel SS




Introducing the Super Swivel 5034, a top-notch 90-degree swivel designed for high-pressure applications. This swivel is constructed with nickel-plated carbon steel, making it an excellent choice for mildly corrosive environments where water, mild chemicals, and solvents are present.

Featuring 1/2″ NPTF female stem and body thread connections, the Super Swivel 5034 offers secure and reliable connections for your high-pressure systems. The swivel includes AFLAS seals, which are highly resistant to both chemicals and extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in demanding conditions.

With a maximum pressure rating of 5000 PSI, this swivel is built to handle intense pressure applications with ease, making it suitable for various industrial and commercial purposes.

The Super Swivel 5034 boasts the following specifications:

  • Maximum Pressure: 5000 PSI
  • Seals: AFLAS for temperature and chemical resistance
  • Female Stem Thread: 1/2″-14 NPTF
  • Female Body Thread: 1/2″-14 NPTF
  • Through Hole Diameter: 0.530″
  • Wrench/Hex Size: 1.125″

The swivel’s nickel-plated carbon steel construction enhances its durability and resilience, ensuring a long service life in demanding conditions.