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M5 Twist Nozzle




Introducing the M5DS Twist Downstream Nozzle, brought to you by the creators of X-JET. This innovative nozzle offers a wide range of spray patterns with just a twist, allowing you to switch effortlessly from a long-range 0-degree stream to a broad 60-degree fan pattern and everything in between.

Please note that the Downstream Injector is not included, and the M5DS is not compatible with the M5XJET or XJET ORIGINAL systems.

The M5DS Twist Nozzle is available in three sizes to cater to various flow rates:

  1. 2-3 GPM (suitable for approximately 40 feet of reach)
  2. 3-7 GPM (covers up to approximately 50 feet)
  3. 7-12 GPM (capable of reaching up to approximately 60 feet)

When used with a downstream soap injector, the M5DS can efficiently apply detergent and rinse up to four stories high. For rinsing, simply disconnect the soap line from the tank. To achieve optimal results, we recommend using pressure hose lengths of less than 100 feet.

If you prefer to keep your chemicals separate from your equipment, such as hose, hose reel, gun, lance, and quick connects, you can explore other options like “The Original X-Jet Nozzle” or the “X-Jet M5 Nozzle,” which are External injection systems. However, remember that the M5DS is not compatible with the M5XJET or XJET ORIGINAL systems.

Choose the M5DS Twist Downstream Nozzle for its versatility, ease of use, and efficient soft wash capabilities, and elevate your cleaning projects to new heights.