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AR45 Soft Wash




Introducing the Gas Powered Soft Wash System equipped with the top-tier AR45 Diaphragm Pump. This cutting-edge equipment finds application in various tasks, including roof cleaning, residential & commercial soft washing, and high volume rinse applications. The AR45 Pump boasts exceptional resilience to effectively handle highly corrosive chemicals like sodium hypochlorite.

With a commendable capacity of 300 PSI and an impressive flow rate of 10 GPM, this system is powered by a reliable Honda Commercial Engine. Its backbone is the High Volume AR Diaphragm Pump, which operates smoothly through its Gear Driven mechanism. Additionally, the system features a Bolt-On Regulator and a Pressure Gauge for precise control.

The sturdiness of the Heavy Duty Aluminum Skid Frame ensures durability and ease of handling. Now, let’s delve into the Pump Specifications:

  • Maximum GPM: 11.4
  • Maximum Pressure: 290 PSI
  • Maximum RPM: 550
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 140 Deg F
  • 35 mm (1-1/4″) Suction
  • 1″ Outlet
  • 3/4″ Bypass
  • This Gas Powered Soft Wash System with its premium AR45 Diaphragm Pump is the ultimate solution for a wide range of cleaning and rinsing needs, making it an invaluable asset in your arsenal of equipment.